La Casa del Cacao

The passion for artisanal chocolate in San José

Favorite discovery in San José

This place does all sorts of things right. There’s enough good food options to keep you around, but their sinfully good chocolate is the reason you go. Try atole – a thick chocolate mix with corn flower, it’s a god sent. Or any of the cold chocolate drinks.

– kaqqao


I got a cold drink, a Tucan, that was made with milk, ice cream and whipped cream. My drink had chocolate, mango and passion fruit and had chunks of mango in it along with a delicious glob of thick chocolate at the bottom and a chocolate Tucan on the side. SO GLAD we came here.

– DebGTate

Best birthday lunch, ever

My husband and I didn’t have time for the cafe’s chocolate history and crafting tour, so we went for lunch on his 78th birthday. This is how to do “second childhood” — ham and cheese crepe (big enough to share) and chocolate milkshakes with Bailey’s Irish Creme, ice cream, and chantilly. The owners brought out a birthday brownie topped with ice cream and a strawberry, and sang happy birthday! Fair warning: those brownies are dangerous – should be a controlled substance. Don’t tell the authorities.

Of course, we bought several beautiful chocolate “candy bars” — works of visual and culinary art — to take home for friends.

– TrudeD


Great workshop with an expert!

Fantastic workshop by the owner! He knows his chocolate and the history of cacao. We made chcovolate from roasted beans and saw the process in his artisanal shop. I would highly recommend this if you have an hour in San Jose! It’s well placed in the city center if you want to see that as well!

– JustinTheSmith

You have to do the chocolate experience !

We stumbled onto this place as we were looking for a place to have a coffee. We were intrigued by the artisanal chocolate they had on display and the 1 hour chocolate making experience they offered. We made an appointment and came back. The experience was outstanding. The instructor is a Belgian chocolate and was very knowledgeable. He walked us through the process from bean to finished product. It was a fantastic time.

– IHBFL32937